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Who is CALAB, Inc.?
  • CALAB stands for Community Assisted Living & Associated Benefits

  • CALAB is an agency that provides services to persons needing assistance
    under the Texas ICF-MR program, HCS, and TxHmL community waiver programs.

  • CALAB is a provider committed to providing the best quality of life to the
    individuals that we serve.

  • CALAB is an employer dedicated tot he growth and development of its

  • CALAB is a proven leader in the field of Mental Retardation. We work hard
    at ensuring all necessary services for an individual to gain independence are
    within his/her reach.

  • CALAB stands for the quality of life, independence, respect, and dignity. Let
    CALAB stand for you!
Our Philosophy...
The philosophy of CALAB, Inc. revolves around nurturing and training
individuals being served in an enviroment that allows them to make
choices, grow in capacities and learn to their fullest potential. We
stand on the belief that all individuals are capable of continued
learning throughout their lives. We believe in providing a safe
environment, but no so restrictive that a person can not grow and
develop in their own patterns. It is our goal to provide independence in
a creative way while complying with all applicable regulatory
Our Belief...
CALAB was conceived by a group of people who are dedicated to serving
individuals with developmental disabilities. Many years have been spent putting
together ideas and looking at providers in other states to develop a top-notch
program. Our major administrative task is to continually improve our program by
providing the highest quality of life through the utilization of specific
programmatic rules and regulations. We continually question ourselves about
the quality of life regarding the consumers that we serve and if we, ourselves,
would be pleased to receive our services. We have a commitment of devoting the
rest of our lives to the individuals in our program.

All of the services provided by CALAB are monitored annually by various state
agencies to maintain the highest quality of service delivery. If a situation arises
which can not be resolved through discussion with the administrative staff, we
encourage individual consumers, LARs or staff members to contact these
agencies. The Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities Services will make a
thorough investigation of any reported incidents, which cause concern to

Staff who work directly with the individuals are trained in program
implementation as well as health and safety issues. These people work with the
consumers on a daily basis to enhance their personal growth and development.
The consumer's choice about his/her life is of the highest importance to us. It is
our goal at CALAB to provide the kind of living environment where anyone could
live and thrive.

Programs are monitored by the Regional Program Director to maintain compliance
with all provisions of service. The Program Director monitors the staff,
consumers, and programs daily to ensure quality exists in the execution of
program plans. The Director is assisted in this endeavor by other professional
and paraprofessional staff that is readily available to assist the consumer in
gaining independence.

We believe that through nurturing, companionship, and friendship, the
individuals we serve will flourish and excel in all areas of their lives.